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About Raffaella Corcione Sandoval

An Italian citizen born in Caracas, Venezuela, Raffaella Corcione Sandoval now lives and works in Rome. Her artistic vocation was clear from a young age, as shown by her early work at the Estudios Sancho art school in Caracas.

In Italy, she studied with Novella Parigini and with Enrico Maria Avitabile and the Academy of Graphic Design and Fashion in Rome. In the ‘80s, she undertook three years of graduate study in theology at the Jesuit University of Naples.

During this period, she went on many trips to India in search of herself through the study of Eastern religions and it was there she met her guru, Master Sathya Sai Baba.

 Ms Sandoval is well-known nationally and internationally. She has exhibited in Switzerland, the USA, Germany, China, Portugal, Spain and India, as well as in several Italian cities. Her works have been shown in galleries and museums including the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Maschio Angioino castle in Naples, and the Museum of Villa Torlonia, Rome.

She established herself on the contemporary art scene with her Sindone Partenopea, a sculptural work of extraordinary aesthetic value created using her unique crystallised fabric technique. The work was exhibited in 2006 at the Spinning Wheel in Caraglio, Turin, as part of ‘Il Velo’, a major international exhibition curated by Andrea Busto. This appearance alongside the biggest names in the art world marked a significant turning point for Ms Sandoval and her work and its inclusion in leading exhibitions.


Ms Sandoval has received several cultural awards and her works are held in many important private collections in Italy, London, New York, Caracas, Miami, Boston, Mumbai, San Francisco, and Athens. Ms Sandoval refuses any kind of formal categorisation and makes use of multiple forms of expression, from painting to photography, from video to performance, combining and transforming simple materials into unexpected compositions, using new and original techniques. 


Art, science, philosophy and technology know no borders for this artist whose works incorporate them all in an aesthetical synthesis of human knowledge. With a critical eye, deep passion and a subtle irony, she reflects on human history and the continuous search for a new world and a new way of life, where humans can finally find themselves, their essential wholeness and their true origins. She goes beyond the mere human condition to seek – through art and philosophy – the paradise lost that is the reason for our everyday lives. 


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